Global Worship Radio

Connected Through Prayer, Word & Worship of Jesus.

Our Mission


Our mission is to connect hearts in prayer by uniting friends worldwide in a global prayer network, strengthening faith and drawing closer to God through shared prayer.


Our mission is to spread the transformative Word of God globally, sharing sermons, teachings, and messages to deepen faith and understanding of scripture.


Our mission is to unite people in worship of Jesus by uplifting worship music that brings together diverse backgrounds , inspiring and comforting our listeners.

Worship 24/7

Our programming features a rich blend of worship music, powerful sermons, and inspiring testimonies from believers worldwide. With initiatives like our “24/7 Prayer and Worship” segment, we provide a continuous stream of worship and prayer, uniting listeners from across the globe.

Our Story


At Global Worship Radio, our passion is to create a global community where friends from around the world come together for a time in Prayer, God’s Word and Worship of Jesus.

Our Journey began with the desire to provide a platform for the next generation to share testimonies and uplift each other through prayer.

We are commited to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can experience the love of Jesus and grow in their faith. Join us in spreading the love of Jesus and positivity across the globe.


GWR is a vital part of my daily routine. One day, feeling low, 'Oceans by Hillsong United played and gave me the peace I needed. The worship songs here are profoundly impactful and spiritually enriching.
Vincent Kiplagat
GWR has been a source of comfort and inspiration for me. The community here is so welcoming, and the worship sessions have truly uplifted my spirit. I am grateful to have found this wounderful platform.
Silvi Maldonado
Listening to GWR has transformed my prayer life. Joining in prayer with people from around the world has given me a sense of community and strength. I feel connected to God and to others, knowing we are lifting each other up daily.
Linda Francoeur

Life Changing Stories

Join us at Global Worship Radio and be part of a global family that celebrates diversity and unity in Christ. Together, we can ignite faith and transform lives through the power of prayer, the truth of God’s Word, and the beauty of worship.

Latest Blog Posts

Why should I be Saved?

Why should I be Saved?

Man is by nature totally depraved, guilty before God, and under the penalty of death. He needs to be saved!

Lord, you’re Welcomed

Lord, you’re Welcomed

There was this little boy who had loaves and fish. Why a little boy? Because Jesus wants you to give that little effort, that little strength, and, little faith and he is going to multiply.

Salvation is My Wall

Salvation is My Wall

Our understanding of salvation is the most fundamental aspect with respect to Christianity it casts direct and dramatic implications upon every aspect of our Christian lives. Since it is foundational, everything else will be aligned according to how it is placed, positioned, and understood.

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